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“Super oxygenated hydroponics”

Legendary growth and yield are the hallmarks of the General Hydroponics AeroFlo System line. Countless growers, academics, and researchers across the globe agree that no other hydroponic system delivers the same staggering growth rates and robust crops. The AeroFlo super-oxygenates the nutrient solution to deliver oxygen, water, and nutrients in ideal combinations, thus creating a root zone environment that surpasses anything found in nature. This system creates stronger, more resilient plants, as well as increased yields. For the expert grower seeking to bring plants to harvest earlier and to maximize the productivity of their grow space, the AeroFlo produces unbeatable results. With five different models to choose from, there is an AeroFlo unit for every requirement.

Since more than 15 years NASA scientists use the AeroFlos and Flora-series in their research on plant cultivation in space.

The AeroFlo is a high-tech machine adapted to our daily needs. This state-of-the-art unit maintains a perfect level of oxygen in the nutritive solution, and allows you to produce the highest yields. It is fast, flexible, and may be used as a propagation as well as a production unit, which gives it the huge advantage of eliminating transplant stress and improving production cycles.

The AeroFlos are modulable and expandable.They are adapted to all growing areas:
The AF14, with its elongated shape, can be placed on a balcony or a window sill, while the AF60, with its deep reservoir, fits better in a greenhouse. The AF28 and the AF “B” line are a low series (32 cm high) and are perfect for low roofing areas like tunnels or indoor gardens. The AeroFlos are expandable from a few growing chambers up to hundreds of them.
We build custom orders as well as standard greenhouse settings. Our team of consultants will take you all the way from conception to achievement with technical support and follow-up.

Each AeroFlo is provided with instuctions and a batch of Flora Series 1L.

  • When to use an AeroFlo?
    From cuttings all the way to end of flowering and fruiting. To reach particularly vigorous plants and abundant crops, it is the most efficient system in the industry.
  • How to use the AeroFlo?
    Follow the instructions provided with your system. They are simple and thorough. They include assembly and maintenance information plus the ?basics? on propagation and nutritive solution management.
  • Which are the advantages of the AeroFlo?
    The AeroFlo exists in several models and sizes, high and low level versions, and is available in custom orders. It guarantees the best results.
  • How long before I see the results?
    Very rapidly. The spectacular results due to hydroponic growing will surprise you very quickly, and make you want to do more.
  • Why use a AeroFlo ?
    The AeroFlos, like the DPS, are exceptional systems, unique in their category. They are flexible, efficient and reasonably priced. They guarantee vigorous plants and abundant crops.
  • AeroFlo 10

    AeroFlo 10

    AF10: 10 plant-sites
    L = 110 – W = 50 – H = 50 cm
    Effective capacity: 50 l

  • AeroFlo 14

    AeroFlo 14

    AF 14: 14 plant-sites (0,7 m2)
    L = 160 – W = 50 – H = 50 cm
    Effective capacity: 55 l
  • AeroFlo 20

    AeroFlo 20

    AF20: 20 plant-sites
    L = 130 – W = 73 - H = 47 cm
    Effective capacity: 90 l
  • AeroFlo 28

    AeroFlo 28

    AF 28: 28 plant-sites (1 m2)
    L = 180 – W = 73 – H = 47 cm
    Effective capacity: 100 l
  • AeroFlo 40

    AeroFlo 40

    AF 40: 40 plant-sites (2,40 m2)
    L = 224 – W = 105 – H = 57 cm
    Effective capacity: 200 l
  • AeroFlo 56

    AeroFlo 56

    AF 56B: 56 plant-sites (3,35 m2)
    L= 290 – W = 140 – H = 32 cm
    Effective capacity: 150 l
  • AeroFlo 60

    AeroFlo 60

    AF 60L: 60 plant-sites (3 m2)
    L= 325 – W = 105 – H = 57 cm
    Effective capacity: 240 l
  • AeroFlo 60

    AeroFlo 80

    AF 80L: 80 plant-sites (4,5 m2)
    L= 410 – W = 105 – H = 57 cm
    Effective capacity: 200 l
  • AeroFlo 84

    AeroFlo 84

    AF 84B: 84 plant-sites (5 m2)
    L= 290 – W = 195 – H = 32 cm
    Effective capacity: 220 l
  • AeroFlo 120

    AeroFlo 120

    AF 120: 120 plant-sites (6.695 m2)
    L= 325 – W = 209 – H = 57 cm
    Effective capacity: 400 l
  • AeroFlo sur mesure

    Custom orders

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