bio essentials

Bio Essentials

For all growing methods: hydroponics and soil

An essential complement for all fertilizers

Bio Essentials is a unique product: it is a comprehensive concentration of micro nutrients in a chelated form, plus essential sub micro particles and an organic buffer. It is used as a complement to the nutritive solution in soil and water culture, as well as in foliar spray.

Micro and sub-micro nutrients are essential trace elements a plant needs, in conjunction with primary and secondary elements, for a comprehensive and harmonious diet. Some of them are required in such minute quantities (the sub-micros) that they are not included in most formulations. However, laboratory tests have demonstrated an important overall improvement in plant's health and resistance to pests when those elements are added.

All the elements included in Bio Essentials are chelated : a chelated element is released to the plants only when it becomes less abundant in the nutritive solution.This way, the chelate not only maintains a stable level of the nutrient, but also it protects the plant from an unwanted accumulation of harmful salts.

When plants are rapidly growing, they absorb a lot of elements from the solution, and they destabilise its pH. The fastest the growth, the wider the imbalance. This is why it is essential to have a good quality buffer that helps stabilise the pH. In the same process, the buffer will
also help control the level of calcium in the solution. An important feature in case of hard water.


Use as a foliar spray to give strength to your plants

2 ml / litres (10 ml = 1 cap of 1 or 1/2 L bottles)

In Hydroponics: 5 ml/L

In Soil: 3 ml/L

Chelates being an authorised source of microelements by organic certification, Bio Essentials can be used in conjunction with organic nutrients.

NOTICE : Bio-Essentials is an exhaustive blend of micro elements to be used as a complement to all fertilisers, liquids and powders. It should not be used with GHE nutrients, as these already include all of its elements.

Bio-Essentials exists in 0,5 l, 1 l, 5 l, 10 l.

  • How to use Bio Essentials?
    Bio Essentials is an essential nutritive complement to add to most nutrients (except GHE fertilizers) as they seldom carry the complete microelements a plant needs to properly grow. Follow the instructions and don?t hesitate to contact us directly for all questions.
  • When to use Bio Essentials?
    Bio Essentials is used during the whole life of the plant, from cutting to harvest, in hydroponics and soil. It is very efficient in foliar spray as well.
  • Which are the advantages to Bio Essentials?
    Bio Essentials is the missing link to your ordinary nutrients. It is authorized to be used in organic cultivation. It is an excellent complement to aquarium plants and often used by aquarists.
  • Where will I see the results?
    Very quickly, after only a couple of days, you will notice a clear improvement in the health and strength of your plants, their growth rate, the quantity of flowers and fruit produced, and the generosity of your crops.
  • Why use Bio Essentials?
    Bio Essentials is a highly concentrated nutrient. It is easy to use. The large diversity of its components makes it an essential complement to a balanced diet. In hydroponics and in soil.

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