Improves the efficiency of BioSevia

In soil use BioSevia alone, and apply every watering (2 ml / L). If you wish to improve matter breakdown and achieve better results, you can add some BM to it.

How to manage the micro-organisms?
But in hydroponics BioSevia must be used in conjunction with BM which is needed to reproduce, in the nutritive solution, the soil's natural degradation process.

There are 2 possibilities:

  • On humid substrate like coco fibre, rockwool or perlite : Simply add BM directly on the substrate.
  • On bare roots or in draining substrate like clay pebbles or lava rocks: Use the biofilter, which will give your micro-organisms the right environment to live in and develop.

Apply 10 g/100 L of nutritive solution. Add every 6 to 8 weeks.

Wherever they are, in a biofilter or directly in the substrate, the micro-organisms will happily thrive as long as their environment is oxygenated and humid. It is imperative, to guarantee a good development, to avoid all sudden changes, especially in temperature and pH levels. The more and happier your BMs are, the better your plants will be fed.

Important notice : a significant drop in pH is an alarm signal that indicates the death of a large quantity of micro-organisms. In this case, it is important to find the cause, treat it and replace with new BM.

BM and SubCulture are two different products. SubCulture is used to eliminate pathogens in the root zone, and help breakdown organic matter in the solution. BM is only used to breakdown organic matter. If you already use SubCulture, you do not need BM.

  • How to use BM?
    In bioponics on draining substrate or on bare roots, add BM among the stars in the BioFiltre. In bioponics on humid substrate like coconut fibre or rock wool, add BM directly on the stars. In soil, mix BM directly in the dirt.
  • When to use BM?
    To grow organically in soil and in hydroponics, along with Sevia Grow & Bloom.
  • Which are the advantages of BM?
    BM is a mix of beneficial fungi that allow a good breakdown of the organic elements included in Sevia Grow & Bloom, and helps a better absorption of minerals by the plant.
  • Why use BM?
    BM is an extremely efficient and cost effective product. Very little is needed for one crop.

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