photo d'un cocotek
photo d'un cocotek


CocoTek Premium Coir and CocoTek PX

Premium, sustainable, organic growing mediums

The CocoTek® line of Organic Growing Media is a high quality, low sodium growing media. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to sphagnum peat moss, rock-wool and other non organic substrates

When hydrated with water, CocoTek rapidly expands, which saves you time and effort. GH CocoTek growing media can be used exclusively by them selves or mixed with expanded clay pebbles, perlite or topsoil.

CocoTek is naturally free of bacteria, plant disease, fungal spores, weeds, seeds, and pathogens.

CocoTek comes in two different references: Premium Coir, 100% coconute fibre, and CocoTek PX Coir, a mix of 75% coconut fibre and 25% perlite.

CocoTek PX is premixed with just the right amount of treated coir and perlite to provide aeration and optimum moisture retention. Both references are ready to use right out of the bag. Simply fill your container, plant, feed, and get growing.


photo floracocoFloraCoco: nutrient designed to give you the best results in CocoTek.

  • How is CocoTek used?
    Coir has a high retention capacity, irrigation must therefore be adapted to it.  Furthermore, in the case of long term use in a pot, the fibre tends to deteriorate and settle.  To avoid these issues, it is often useful to mix it with a more draining material such as clay beads (grade 8-16), perlite or volcanic rock.
  • When should CocoTek be used?
    It is the best substrate when you want to contribute organic compounds to your crops.   
  • What are the advantages of CocoTek?
    The fibre has a buffer capacity, it is a stabiliser for the root zone which is far from equalling soil, but sufficient to make the crop easier to manage.  It is therefore the ideal substrate for beginners and is already used by many professionals.
  • Why use CocoTek?
    It is a substrate especially suited to keeping plants long term (mother plants).

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