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General Hydroponics was founded in the mid 70's near San Francisco, California, by a group of scientists, researchers and technicians. Today, GH is recognised by the international scientific community for its reliability, the quality of its products and its sense of innovation.

Within a few years, its reputation crossed international borders, extending to Canada, Australia, and on to Europe, where GH Europe was established in 1995, in the south-west of France.

Since the beginning our objectives have remained the same: to stay at the cutting edge of technology, to offer the best quality of service, and to bring solutions for some of the environmental problems that our planet faces today.

Our technology is called "Aero-hydroponics": plants grow without substrate, in a perfectly balanced flow of nutritive solution, saturated with oxygen. (A more detailed description follows).

Thanks to its flexibility, this alternative growing method holds an enormous potential of opportunities. It can be adapted to most situations, allowing one to grow anywhere, from the city to the most remote country-side.

One of the first concepts we developed in California was the " Family Farm ". A Family Farm allows a family or individual wherever they are based, to produce part of the vegetables they consume, eliminating the expensive middlemen, and eventually providing surplus to sell within the local farmer's markets, co-ops, restaurants, etc.

In our greenhouse in the south of France, we study the potential of several high cash crops, that will give the grower an alternative to traditional crops, and will allow him to step out of the vicious circle of subsidies.

We especially study the field of medicinal plants, where there exists a constant demand of quality stock, and where it is urgent today to stop the gathering of many endangered species, as is the case, for instance, of Arnica montana. Our research is aimed on selecting the right species, optimising their harvest and increasing their content in active principles.

Today, after years of research, we are proud to offer you a new concept in growing : Bioponics or organic hydroponics (Patent N° 0511569), which associates the advantages of hydroponics with those of organic cultivation, within the concept of durable development.

Aware of the insufficiencies in the food and water supply on the planet, we participate in food development projects in the third world. Indeed, by adapting our technology to the existing resources,we teach populations a way to provide for their immediate basic needs and to create, whenever possible, an unexpected but well needed source of income.

As environmentalists, when possible we utilise recycled materials. To respond to the problem of electrical consumption,we are currently testing in California, the first systems powered by solar energy.

Our line of products is vast, often unique, and always in evolution. It is developed by our team of researchers, thoroughly studied, then tested in our greenhouses in California and in France. Today our products are used by growers world wide.They are sought after by the most important laboratories in the world and NASA uses Flora-series and the AeroFlo in their studies on cultivation in their space stations.

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