FloraMato + Micro
FloraMato + FloraMicro


For soil and hydroponics

To enhance flavors,
increase yields,
and improve nutritional value

FloraMato - mixed with FloraMicro - provides a complete blend of the essential minerals needed by continuously producing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, melons, strawberries, etc...

  • FloraMato is a unique combination of primary and secondary elements with stabilized pH.
  • Designed for hydroponics, FloraMato is particularly efficient for fertigation.

FloraMato must be used with FloraMicro and can be adapted to hard and soft water.


In Hydroponics:

Cuttings and seedlings:

FloraMicro = 1 ml/L and FloraMato = 1 ml/L, with EC = 0,85

Hungry plants:

FloraMicro = 2 ml/L and FloraMato = 3 ml/L, with EC = 1,6

Very demanding plants:

FloraMicro = 3 ml/L and FloraMato = 4 ml/L, with EC = 2,10

In soil, use 1/2 concentration, every watering

To get the best results:

  • Keep the pH level between 5.5 and 6.5. Use GHE’s pH Test Kits for control.
  • Our nutrients are very concentrated. To avoid precipitation never mix the components together.
  • Above proportions are for hydroponics, in all substrates..

FloraMato exists in 0,5 l, 1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 1000 l.

  • How to use FloraMato?
    FloraMato is always used in conjunction with FloraMicro, and adapts to hard and soft waters. It is very easy to use. Follow the instructions of the labels and don?t hesitate to contact us when needed.
  • When to use FloraMato?
    For constantly flowering and fruiting plants like tomatoes, peppers, strawberries or melons, FloraMato is used during the whole life of the plant, in hydroponics and soil.
  • Which are the advantages of FloraMato?
    FloraMato guarantees complete nutrition and balanced diet, rich in primary and secondary elements, chelated microelements and organic buffers.
  • Where will I see the results?
    In a few days you will notice a clear improvement in the health and the vitality of your plants, their growth rate, the quantity of flowers and fruit, and the profusion of your crops.
  • Why use FloraMato?
    FloraMato is an inexpensive nutrient, concentrated, efficient, and particularly user-friendly

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