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G.O. Thrive®

G.O. Thrive Grow, G.O. Thrive Bloom

organic plant food

G.O. Thrive applies to the European regulation on organic agriculture N° 834/2007.

G.O. Thrive formulas are specifically designed to meet the comprehensive needs of all plants through every stage of growth. We base our formulations on ecological principals that maintain respect for the environment while providing plants balanced nutrition.

G.O. Thrive actively improves the root environment by feeding the microbes that live in harmony with your plant. This provides the essential nutrition that creates healthy vegetative, flowering, and fruiting growth. G.O. Thrive is ideal for every type of plant and can be applied along with other products in the General Organics line. Use with all garden soils, potting mixes, and other growing media.

G.O. Thrive is perfectly soluble, it is extremely efficient in fertigation and drip irrigation. You can also use it in bioponics. In this case, use BioSevia’s feeding chart.

G.O. Thrive Grow

G.O. Thrive Grow is formulated to maximize vegetative growth by supplying plants with a custom diet that stimulates vigorous root and foliage development. Through proper nutrition, we create a strong frame for later flower, fruit, and seed production.
Use G.O. Thrive Grow to give all types of plants a strong start.

For all plants, during their growth cycle.

G.O. Thrive Bloom

G.O. Thrive Bloom provides flowering and fruiting plants with essential nutrients, perfectly balanced for superior blooms and bountiful harvests. Specially designed to maximize flower, fruit, and seed production, this unique formulation will give you bigger, more nutritious and delicious yields. G.O. Thrive Bloom benefits all kinds of plants during the flowering and fruiting phases of growth.

For all plants, during their flowering and fruiting cycles.

September 2011, we abandoned our Qualité France certification due to administrative hassles. We are at this time talking with Ecocert to retrieve this French certification. But the product didn't change: same formula, same components, same manufacturing. And it still responds to the European regulation on organic agriculture N° 834/2007.



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