G.O. Urtica®

G.O. Urtica®

liquid nettle brew

G.O. Urtica is a nettle brew. It is a fermentation process of nettles in water that offers exceptional nutrition and protection to your plants. Nettle is a plant exceptionally rich in silica and iron. Also rich in nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, microelements, enzymes, and trace minerals.

Like for kelp emulsion, nettle tea stimulates the plants immune system, improving their resistance to insect and disease attacks. This may be also due to the fact that the plant is in a state of optimal and balanced nutrition.

G.O. Urtica :

  • stimulates plant growth
  • fights leaf cholorosis and mineral deficiencies.
  • improves resistance to various attacks.
  • helps reduce the development of certain parasites.

For all plants, at all stages of growth.
Use with all nutrients, in hydroponics, in any substrate, and in your garden.



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