Hydroponic systems

General Hydroponics offers a variety of hydroponic systems from large to small, easy to complex.

Methods of high growth
You may plan to push the system to the max by spending significant time starting plants, cultivating and harvesting, or simply want a low maintenance module to power drive one or a few plants through an extraordinary growth cycle, yet only spending a few minutes every few days tending to the systems. These are different needs and we have the systems that will fulfill these needs.

Choosing the right system
There are a number of questions to be considered :
Which plants do you wish to grow? To which growing method will it adapt better? How large an area do you wish to cultivate? Do you only want a single module, or a complete system? You can expect to achieve extraordinary results, but you've got to choose the right system.

Hydro or Aero ?
Our growing systems exist in 2 categories: 'hydro' and 'aero'. In 'hydro', roots grow in clay pellets and are relatively protected from external conditions. We generally recommend hydro systems to beginners. In 'aero', roots hang between air and water. This is when the oxygenation in the root zone is optimal. As much as growth in aero is superior, we prefer to recommend it to experienced hydroponicists or passionate hydroponic fans.

Small units


For growers who want top results without much effort, choose the WaterFarm, the AquaFarm or the EcoGrower in « hydro », and the AeroFarm in « aero ».

Ebb & Grow

Ebb &nmp; Grow

The General Hydroponics version of the ebb and flow table

Panda System


For beginners and small projects. Simple, efficient and elegant




The AeroFlo is the hydroponic system most efficient in the industry. User-friendly and reasonably priced, it is the best buy in its category.


Rain Forest

For propagating cuttings, there is no hydroponic system that will match the performance of the RainForest. With the RainForest² sow, propagate... and grow all the way to harvest.

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